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    what irritates me..

    when i’m clearing obsessing over a boy band (aka one direction) and ALL of my friends but ONE are like “oh my god.. they’re gay.” ” they suck” “what are we all 5 years old now and like dumb boy bands again?” “i don’t like them, they’re not that good.” “they’re songs aren’t that good anyways.” JUST SHHHHHHHH! i’m pretty sure i don’t bash the hunger games which they’re all obsessed with.. i’m pretty sure i don’t hate on the jonas brothers.. which my one friend is STILL OBSESSING OVER -_- i’m pretty sure i don’t bash any of their shit. i’m just tired of hearing all their shit and when they all jump on the freakin bandwagon i’m gonna be like uh hell no, you guys bashed them.. you’re not allowed to like them now. geez.